8320 recent release for AT&T; So much for 8900 coming soon…


Available in stores and the online website, the BlackBerry Curve 8320 is available for AT&T wireless atlast.  As T-Mobile has had this device for over a year, it doesn’t give us much excitement.  Hearing news about the 8900 keeps us at the edge of our seats, counting the days for a press release.  Instead we have been “rewarded” with a WiFi capable Curve (rather than the GPS equipped 8310 curve AT&T has been provided.  T-Mobile already has the rumor to have the 8900 Curve sometime in February, as AT&T will have to sit and wait on this one.  Should AT&T customers really complain even if the Bold 9000 was released? The answer is yes.  We will always stay BlackBerry hungry.


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