BlackBerry Storm 95xx FREE iPhone Theme Download OTA



Hey guys!  This theme is exactly what it says it is: A BlackBerry Storm iPhone theme.  It is still in testing but you should definitely check it out and report any bugs you see to the theme maker here.




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  • pocketberry

    use the OTA link or the desktop zip to download through desktop manager

  • pocketberry

    plenty of themes… check out for free and premium themes

  • pocketberry

    please use… to download from your blackberry storm. otherwise use the desktop download.

  • pocketberry

    works a charm on os 5.0!

  • pocketberry

    yes that is a bit of a downer

  • pocketberry

    go to… from your blackberry storm

  • pocketberry

    go to… from your blackberry storm !

  • pocketberry

    its not available in themes at all?

  • pocketberry

    what os are you currently running?

  • pocketberry

    good call!

  • pocketberry

    theres iberry themes for the bold

  • kphjr

    If you download and you are on a BES server will it still work? Will you be able to access Outlook from Microsoft or will that just now be available on mail? Will you access internet the same as on microsoft or will it be safari? I am trying to figure out if I can use mac apps and still hav it interface with work apps.

  • pablo

    can sent the theme with bluetooth from laptop to my bb storm???

  • shigity

    no u cant dude

  • SlimSadie

    it looks kinda cool, but it takes off some of your applications from the screen, so you have to go to the folders and manually open them to use them. Like youtube, facebook, etc..

  • dfdakjdflkad

    my phone blew up with the ota download

  • i have seen your blog its very niceiphone

  • Guest26

    i have a storm2. neither way works! it pulls up an error when i try to do it the OTA way & then doesn't list the zip file as an option when i browse for it to add to the application list. anyone can help? or is it because i have a storm2?

  • Diego

    Lol is really great, i confuse every one how look my storm phone jajaajaaja good job.

  • Amal

    ooh I was looking for it


  • Zad1970

    How can i get this please? I used to have it and i had to upgrade my software so i lost it…however when tried to download it it said i had to fill out some survey ….I have a storm one

  • Corvech32

    Nice this one works thenks

  • New_med

    hi i’ve download it but i couldn’t introduce it in my phone, how can i do it?

  • Cabal_haolei

    is it possible to work on BB storm 9500 running at OS 4.7 ver.? tnx

  • Kimberlybadcock519

    hi i can’t get this to download on my iphone 4 it won’t work i was wondering if anyone knows how to get it to download to the iphone 4 thanks