How to Break a Blackberry Addiction



As you walk down the street, you always see these people with BlackBerry devices with their heads bowed and thumbs flying over a tiny keyboard.  The worst part is that they do not even pay attention when they are walking, busy streets the cross, or even stopping at trafficlights! There are even studies that say you must treat your own BlackBerry addiction like other addictions to drugs or alcohol. Here’s how you can break the habit without breaking your BlackBerry.

Estimate how much time you spend on the BlackBerry. Be honest with yourself. Notice if this time detracts from simple things in life, such as eating, walking, sleeping, reading the newspaper or getting dressed.
Ask your family when your BlackBerry use bothers them the most. Prepare for them to say it always does.
Set 3 hours in the day during which the BlackBerry is turned off. Sleep time doesn’t count. Try replacing at least one of these hours by spending the time with your family.
Increase the number of non-addiction hours each day. Give weekends and family time special attention.
Give your phone number to people who need it. This can help you break your addiction. Then your colleagues can call you when an emergency arises.
Get over yourself. Sure, you are closing the deal of the century or working a big political story and have to stay on top of every development. This is important. Most other email isn’t. Learn to tell the difference.
Source: eHow
-by Mac Jadalhack

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