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BlackBerry App World releases atlast!

31 March 2009 2 Comments


BlackBerry App World lets you personalize your BlackBerry smartphone with tons of great apps that let you do more with your time while you’re on the go. You can download BlackBerry App World from your desktop computer or your BlackBerry smartphone at no cost. Purchasing apps from BlackBerry App World requires a PayPal® account.

Here are some screenshots of the amazing official BlackBerry App World!

To download: Go to http://www.blackberry.com/appworld/download from your BlackBerry Browser

So what’s new?  We see Shazam with full BlackBerry support, not to mention completely free as well!  It was a great suprise as we heard rumors about it releasing for BlackBerry.  All along they were waiting to release it with the App World.  Definitely was worth the wait.  The layout of the App Store definitely beats any other that we have seen.  The time is very responsive and there is very little loading time.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more updates as we continue to play with this through out the night..


-by Mac Jadalhack

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  • Drew

    ouchies…no shazam for the storm =(

  • james

    nice site