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With the release of the BlackBerry App World we have be exposed to a great deal of new applications. Some of these apps we have never heard of and some of them we have been waiting a very long time for. I for one have had set my sights on the release of Shazam and was totally in awe when i learned it had been released along side App World.

I had downloaded the app and was quite literally pacing back and forth in my kitchen while my bagel toasted and while the little App World loading screen did its thing, I was that excited. Finally, it finished and the first thing i see after setup was that this is a trial version, well thats what i thought at the time. So i did some research and ladies and gentlemen i have this to say. The version of Shazam you sign up for when you first run the app is infact a trial version, but, it seems that this is a trial for a premium verison of Shazam. Apparently, once the trial is finished you will have the choice of either purchasing the application OR using a FREE limited feature version.  All information has been confirmed.

This is from the Shazam description:

“Download the Shazam on BlackBerry application between 1st April and 31st May and you will be given the option to try out the feature-enhanced version on a 60 day promotional basis*; if you want to keep and continue to use Shazam you can pay anytime during the promotion or at the end of the period with a one-off fee of USD 4.99 and GBP 5.00.

Alternatively, if you prefer you can continue Shazaming for free on a limited** feature and tagging basis; available at the end of the promotional period.”

From my understanding this means what i said it does and i really do hope that this is how it goes because i really would rather not pay for something iPhone and Android users get free.

Anyways folks as always heres your rundown of Shazams features:

• Identify music anywhere: from the radio, TV, film, or in a store by simply holding your BlackBerry towards the music and selecting ‘Tag Now’.

• Buy music immediately when you hear it: your tags link directly to Amazon, and other merchants as available, to give you instant access to the music you love and related music merchandise.

• Share the experience: send your tags to friends who share your musical taste via SMS, email or BlackBerry PIN.

• Learn more about the music: read track and album reviews, artist biographies, plus find other music
available from the same artist.

• Options to find similar music: discover other music similar to the track you like, to enhance your music collection and knowledge.

• Find out what’s hot and popular: access to Shazam music charts generated by millions of other users in your country.

• Music search capabilities: enabling you to easily find music by artist, album or track from an ever-expanding database, currently at 8 million songs.

-by Cory McCoy


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