How did RIM come up with the name “BlackBerry?”



Research in Motion called on Lexicon Branding to help name its new wireless e-mail device in 2001.  Calling their devices just “RIM” wasn’t cutting it at all and was not attractive to the customer in the least bit.  The consultancy pushed RIM founders away from the word “e-mail.”  Instead, they took the opportunity to search for a name that would bring joy and somehow give feelings of peace. After someone made the connection that the small buttons on the device resembled a bunch of seeds, Lexicon’s team explored names like strawberry, melon and various vegetables before settling on blackberry—a word both pleasing and which evoked the black color of the device.  Pretty clever right?  Even though we see BlackBerrys in different colors and shapes, it can still be called the BlackBerry just fine without any concerns.  PCWorld ran a great article as to how many of these big companies found names for their products and services.  Check it out here.

Source: PCWorld

-by Mac Jadalhack


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