BlackBerry Gemini 8520 gets a review



The folks over at BlackBerry Cool have went ahead and reviewed the new BlackBerry Gemini 8520 which is launching via T-Mobile.  This is the first device to be trackball-less and rockin’ the all new “trackpad” or sensor pad as I like to call it from time to time.  It looks like “Curve” is engraved on its upper back by the camera, giving the device its own branding.  But wait there’s more..


The coolest part we saw was that it has bumps on its side for the shortcut keys and volume up/down buttons rather than physica buttons.  It has a very smooth mesh and is definitely one of the slickest looking devices out yet, not to compare it to the BlackBerry Tour we had fun with all yesterday.


Where’s the fascination? If you look on the top, there is a full MP3 functionality as you can go to previous track, next track, and a play pause button all on top.  Check out the full review over at BlackBerry Cool.

-by Otoniel Bruno


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