BlackBerry Storm 2 releases its specs out in the open



Being one of the biggest, breakin’ BlackBerry news of the day, the BlackBerry Storm 2 shows some more of its true colors today.  Specs have been released on what may be the 9520 (via AT&T Wireless) and 9550 which is suggested to be the CDMA version (most likely Verizon Wireless, or Sprint given that it is a 50 in the end and not a 30, and Sprint does have the 8350i).  The 9520, being completely GSM will rock GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSDPA.

On the other side, the 9550 is to come equipped with the CDMA capability of course, EVDO Rev. A, being a quad-band device as well supplying GSM/Edge capabilities.  Wifi is also expected to be showing up in the upcoming Verizon BlackBerry devices as they are in talks with RIM on the matter.

Source: BGR

-by Denis Muller


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