Bluff My Call lets you disguise your voice and change your caller ID when calling


Bluff My Call is the first and only service that lets you use any Caller ID on the phone, do Voice Changing and Call recording Worldwide. They have local access numbers around the world and can make calls to over 950 international destinations. Although we are famous for letting people change their Caller ID, there are many other features we offer that you are also going to love.  The company is now offering 50% more minutes when you purchase them on their site.  To take full advantage of this deal use coupon code “JULYBMC” when purchasing.The application is absolutely free, but when you buy minutes, you get more priviledges.  Check out all the key features:


Use ANY Caller ID

Changing your Caller ID allows you to control what other people see when placing calls. It’s that simple. Whether you want to make it seem like you are at the office when you’re playing golf, or your kids are not picking up the phone when they see the house number on Caller ID, Bluff My Call is your only solution.

Voice Changing

Voice Changing is an awesome feature allows you to change your voice to sound like a male, female or just a sound that’s not yours. You also have an option to hear how you will sound before you make the call, so you can make it sound as real and different as possible.

Recording Your Calls

Recording your Calls is a feature whose benefits need no explanation. In Countries where you are required to announce that the call is being recorded, you will want to choose the option that says, “Record with Announcement”. When choosing this option, the other party will hear a short recording at the beginning of the call that says “Recording On”. Everywhere else you can choose “Record with No Announcement”. When choosing this option, the party you are calling will be recorded without their knowledge.

Straight To Voice Mail

Straight to Voice Mail is truly one of our greatest hits. This feature allows you to leave a message on someone’s mobile voicemail without their mobile ringing. For all of those times you want to leave a message but do not wish to have a conversation now it’ s easy. Never be afraid that they will pick up; just go Straight to Voice Mail.

Call Notes

Call Notes is a remarkable new tool where you can make notes to yourself (or your secretary) at the end of every call! After your call is over, just press the # key to disconnect the other party. Then you will then be asked to leave a message that will be recorded separately and saved online. Even if the original call is not recorded, you still have the option to record and save a Call Note.

Phone Book

PhoneBook allows you to upload all of your contacts from multiple programs in many formats to your account and enjoy its many, amazing cool features, many of which have only recently become technologically possible. You can individually personalize each contact with each of the many available options.

Bluff My Call Mobile

Bluff My Call Mobile makes using our service 100 times easier. It easily integrates with your Phonebook and has a lot of extra features such as emailing your recordings to anyone straight from your mobile.

The application is absolutely free.  Click the image below to check it out today.

-by Mac Jadalhack


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  • Hsm

    I really appreciate this app. Considering my exboyfriend can call me using my girlfriend's number and disguise his voice and harrass me. Let's hope he doesn't continue calling my work with any # her chooses, if I lose my job I hope this site be held liable.

  • Relax yourself Hsm

    Who would want to harrass you?

  • Draco

    Anyone know if this app be use on iphone?

  • sarah

    This app is absolutely rediculous, it should be considered illegal.

  • HMS

    I cannot believe this (& other apps like it) are legal! A perfect tool for “mean girls”, stalkers, child molesters, and all sorts of creeps. And victims, police, phone companies have no way to track the call to the original caller. A prank call is only funny if you know it’s a prank, otherwise it’s harassment. My daughter is afraid to answer a call, even from her parents, because she was Spoofed using her dad’s work number! Now we live with a little bit of fear, hoping it was just a prank, while we try to figure out who did it.

  • Mr Johnnydoe

    I’m a single mom and I have a DERANGE LUNATIC STALKER! And yes, I have called the cops (I have LE in my family). I have so many blocked emails from him (he gets a new email addy bc I BLOCK every email I get from him) and lately, he’s been calling me using different numbers and after reading this site, I see how he’s doing it. I agree w/ HMS.