BlackBerry Bold 2/Onyx 9700 Confirmed Details



We had read earlier more information about the BlackBerry Onyx releasing and what it has to bring to our table.  The folks over at BlackBerry Cool have confirmed as well that the facts via the PhoneGeek are all true.  We have all been waiting very anxiously for this BlackBerry Onyx to release as we bumped into all sorts of confusions along the road down including model number confusions.  There were rumors and screenshots floating around the the Bold/Onyx was going to be 9020 and 9700.  From the leaked image of AT&T’s inventory, it looks like the 9700 is going to be the confirmed model number for the all new BlackBerry Bold 2 aka Onyx.   Read more to check out the confirmed details.

  • Bold 9700 is confirmed to have both the trackpad and the Bold-style casing (leather back)
  • The device will be about the same size as the 8900 with a keyboard that is the same as the Bold.
  • The battery cover has been changed once again and apparently it is also an improvement.
  • Memory card is behind the battery cover and not on the side like the Bold 9000 did
  • The mute and lock buttons are on the top (finally!)
  • 256mb of flash memory rather than the native 128mb
  • The device came to the field with SW on Platform
  • Battery life is said to be greatly improved from the Bold 9000 which disappointed many.

So far all of these have been confirmed to be true.  Details could change over time as the BlackBerry Bold/Onyx 9700 is still in beta testing now.  Stay tuned for more info!

-by Mac Jadalhack


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