TuneWiki calls for a great time singing your favorite songs to on-screen lyrics



TukeWiki for BlackBerry is a fun little application that not many people really took the time to appreciate.  Media players have been fairly stagnant in the last fifteen years. TuneWiki is taking full advantage of the powerful BlackBerry technologies to provide a breakthrough Social Media Player with more than twenty exclusive patented features, all in real time: lyrics displayed as subtitles  Karaoke style , translation of lyrics to forty languages, maps of music played according to location, top 50 lists in every country in the world, and many more.We’re used to our native media player that comes stock on the device but TuneWiki gives you a fast load time and will connect to the web to get the album cover along with song lyrics to display right on the screen.  The application is currently available on BlackBerry App World so you can easily archive the app when you’re not using it.


TuneWiki for BlackBerry is the multiple award winning, next generation social mobile media player with lyrics, translation and music charts based on community contributions.  This version is free to download, and will show advertising while the song is playing. The Pro version is paid for and will not have advertising.  So head over to the BlackBerry App World today and pick up your free copy.  Support for TuneWiki can be found here.

-by Mac Jadalhack


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