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On the BlackBerry Developer Blog that opened not too long ago, they listed some useful links for getting startedi n BlackBerry development.  It’s not your average “pick up and learn” easily material but for those in the field to do BlackBerry development, this links will indeed come very handy.  Within the links, you’ll find many specific and general development guides and a bunch of “how to’s” included as well.  In addition you’ll find great 10-15 minute video clips showing you various tips and tricks in your application development.  Here we are providing you all the links as shown on the BlackBerry Developer Blog.

BlackBerry Developer Resource Page: This would be the second choice for your browser home page after the BlackBerry Developer’s Blog.
BlackBerry Developer Getting Started Page: The home portal for new BlackBerry developers. Provides access to general and specific development guides, support programs and other fun stuff.
BlackBerry Java® Development Environment and BlackBerry Simulator Download Page: A must-visit page providing the tools necessary to code for BlackBerry smartphones.
Search Page for the Developer Knowledge Base: A great resource to mine the wisdom available on the BlackBerry Developer Zone.
BlackBerry Developer Tutorials: A selection of step-by-step tutorials to get you started with developing for the BlackBerry platform.
BlackBerry Developer Documentation Portal: Find sample applications and code, API documentation, and development guidelines to help you create apps for BlackBerry smartphones.
BlackBerry Developer Video Library: 10-15 minute instructional videos designed to provide tips and tricks on specific problems developers may face.
-by Mac Jadalhack

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