BlackBerry OS 5.0 Download Links for Tour, Bold, Storm, & Curve 8900



This is a few days older from late last week, but we felt the need to post it up as a headline for our famous “Post of the Week” due to the huge hype over BlackBerry OS 5.0.  Everyone’s crazed about OS 5.0 lately as it offers a pretty much new and different experience on the BlackBerry.  We’ve had early releases on the BlackBerry Bold, Curve, and Storm 5.0 OS version but they were having all sorts of issues such as third party software not working and things of that nature.  So what do we see new in this build? It looks like threaded text messaging seems very key here.  In reality, threaded SMS was the next step as that’s a big department where RIM lacks versus Apple’ iPhone.  These are the latest BlackBerry OS 5.0 download links til date so if you are going to download 5.0, make sure you use these links.

Tour  OS

Bold  OS

Curve 8900  OS

Storm OS

-by Mac Jadalhack

Source: NativeBerry


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  • down2die

    do you have a working link for the tour? thanks in advance

  • Olu

    The Link for the Tour isn't working.

  • Olu

    The Link for the Tour isn't working.

  • Gary

    Does this upgrade work for the Curve 8330 as well???

  • Dan

    Why doesnt the tour link work?

  • dholguin

    I succesfully load os 5.0 onto my 9530 but when the screen goes black i cannot get the screen to turn back on. I have done it numerous times but it doesn't work. I dont know if it wasn't made for the 9530 or something. Maybe there is something special i have to do but i dont know. If there is anyone out there that 5.0 has worked for i would appreciate your help.