7Digital Music Store releases in BlackBerry App World


7digital Music Store

Awhile back, we told you about 7Digital linking up with RIM to create a music store right on the BlackBerry.  As promised, September is here, and the 7Digital Music Store is now available for free download over on the BlackBerry App World.  The awesome app lets you browse all the latest music charts, preview endless amounts of the latest music out, and best of all, allows you to purchase and download high quality MP3 music right to your BlackBerry.  WiFi is completely compatible as you’ll have faster download speeds when activated.  The application also has its own integrated media player you can use over the native one that comes with your BlackBerry.  It supports headset, speaker, and Bluetooth audio streaming support.  You won’t find this on the top newest apps on the App World as this is a soft release.  Unspokenly it has been put into the BlackBerry App World, but hasn’t been exactly “celebrated” to the public yet.  So what are you waiting for?  Head over to the BlackBerry App World today and pick up your copy.

-by Mac Jadalhack


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