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The BlackBerry Storm 2 gets its insides pictured

26 September 2009 No Comment


We’ve seen pretty much all the ins and outs of the BlackBerry Storm 2 with all its incredible features and all the improvements from the missing links in the first original BlackBerry Storm.  Well, we didn’t exactly get all its ins, so here’s a picture of the BlackBerry Storm 2′s insides revealing its raw hardware.  The folks over at BlackBerry Zone went ahead and took it completely apart and took this open face image of it.


If your tech savvy, you’ll learn to appreciate how well this Storm works with its all new sensor technology.  From what all the rumors and Storm 2 hands-on testimonials, when a portion of the screen is pressed, that single sensor stays on and shuts the others off.  There’s a lot of new technology being involved in the second generation Storm but it’s a matter of seeing what it’s really made of to see the full picture.

Click here to read the full scoop

-by Mac Jadalhack

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