Verizon pushes out BlackBerry Storm 2 Ad calling its Product “Perfect”



What else could be a better way of pushing out the new BlackBerry Storm 2 while keeping all the 9530’s (original Storm) misery and pain it caused many out of the picture?  The BlackBerry Storm 9550 is being introduced in this ad quite strong as it reads “Unleash the Perfect Storm.”  The key in this advertisement is “perfect” as that is a very strong word to be using, especially when it comes to our beloved Storm.  The description below talks about BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 as its main punch line.  From what it looks like, Verizon and RIM are trying to push this device more towards the business user and not just the average consumer who wants an iPhone and gets a Storm because they are a Verizon Wireless customer.  The dates are coming close, and it looks like we’re still ready to expect the launch on October 25th.

UPDATE: We got our hands on the flyer for those who would like to check out the full scoop and info.  Continue reading to see it or click here to download the official PDF from BlackBerry.

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-by Mac Jadalhack


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