BlackBerry Storm2 Diagram: Up, Close, & Personal



It’s been an exciting morning with all the BlackBerry Storm2 news releasing, especially that RIM has officially announced it on their site.  Such events call for the device to officially launch from the carriers as we have already suspected that before RIM did their introduction to the BlackBerry Storm2.  So here we have a diagram as to all the whereabouts of buttons and shortcut keys are located.  An interesting new concept we saw here was that the Power button has been shifted up to the Lock button which can cause some confusion at first but shouldn’t be any real big issue..  By looking at it, we can assume that a soft, one click press of the button will lock the device and a longer extended press will shut the device off.  The Mute button is opposite to it staying up top as well, being the most convenient tool when on the phone.

We also love the fact that the external microSD memory slot has been eliminated as it really served very little to no purpose in BlackBerry models such as the Pearl 8110/8120/8130 and the Bold 9000.  This device will still be rockin’ the micro-USB port as all BlackBerry devices will from now on.  The BlackBerry Storm2 still gets two convenience keys, one on each side, along with the volume keys and headset jack.  What we don’t like about it so far?  The micro-USB port is once again very low, making it hard to use when on the charger.  Yes you can turn it sideways but what about the rest of the world who favor SureType?

-by Mac Jadalhack


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