BlackBerry Storm 9500/9530 OS Hybrid



For all you out there messing around with your BlackBerry Storm, trying to strive and find that perfect OS that will make your device flawless, here’s an OS worth a shot.  Of course it isn’t official as the other OS 5.0 downloads are all leaked ones.  This is a hybrid OS of meaning that the files have been edited and put together from other versions to make the best out it.  Download and install at your own risk.  We personally have been running this hybrid all morning on our unlocked testing Storm 9530 all morning and haven’t had any problems yet.  This hybrid OS works for both the Storm 9500 and Storm 9530.  If you do decide to download this hybrid OS, let us know about your experience by droppin’ a comment below.  Cheers!

-by Otoniel Bruno

Source: BBHybrids


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