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17 November 2009 117 Comments

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Giveaway copy

Here’s the third device giveaway we put out on our site.  In the past, we put out the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and BlackBerry Storm 9530 unlocked, but they aren’t as exciting as this all new BlackBerry Bold 9700 which just released for T-Mobile yesterday.  This device is completely brand new and unlocked to work with T-Mobile and AT&T.  With an unlocked Blackberry you will be able to use it with any type of phone service and network.  It has never been used and the box has just been opened to unlock.  To participate in the giveaway, drop us a comment below with a valid email address and a winner will be chosen by Friday.  Good luck to all!

UPDATE: The winner of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is c0ry

If you are the winner, you have til Monday 12pm EST to email us with the same valid email as well as shipping address.  Special thanks to everyone for participating.  We will be conducting more device giveaways throughout December.

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  • http://www.robinleung.com/ Robin

    The trackpad on this device is amazing!! The sound quality is also superior than older BlackBerries.
    Please enter me!!! :)

  • http://www.robinleung.com/ Robin

    This BlackBerry is the best out yet. The new trackpad is amazing and the speaker is superior than all other previous BlackBerries.
    Please enter me to win this one!!!

  • Eric

    I expect an e-mail on Friday declaring me the winner or there will be a pigeon dying in the near future. Think about the pigeons, Mr Jadalhack. Think about the pigeons…

  • toboboy

    man, i am really really exited about this new bold 9700, i have already checked all available software for this device……

    downloaded and created themes for this device…..all this with the new theme builder

  • dustyscott

    I am dying to get this phone, but I cannot fathom paying $749 for it. A giveaway is always a good thing though. From my understanding and research this is the best Blackberry ever….hopefully I will get lucky and find out soon.

  • http://www.stenblog.com/sten sTen

    Cool Contest guys ;) … maybe I'm Lucky…

  • melissajessica

    That is SO cool :o ) Hope I win

  • jeff

    pick me pick me

  • effilinek

    Finally, no more replacing trackballs every month!!! And OS5!

  • Shadrack2002

    Awesome…can't wait till I get mine.

  • DanUC6

    One word…PLEASE!!!!!

  • Ikonik

    This would be the perfect gift for xmas!!! I've been a BB head since 2006!!!

    the.lola.b@gmail.com!!! (<<<-no spammers pls)

  • http://www.webreakitdown.com EhabM

    Me Me Me!

  • marcmilliard

    what an awesome device! Can't wait to get one

  • huawuban

    I want the Bold 9700!!! Pick me!!!!

  • rmwpw

    I went to t-mobile yesterday, this phone is very nice and fast. My Bold died 2-weeks ago and don't qualify for an upgrade until March witth at&t. Here's my chance .

  • Khai

    Wow this is a great contest!

  • Louis

    I would be most interested =)

  • Roberto

    pretty plsssssssssssssssss

    let me win

    thanks for the exitement

  • Fernando Dorr

    Please i die for this phone!!! please!!!!

  • Marcus. H

    I want this phone in a major way ! Hear nothing but great things about the “Trackpad”

  • Fernando Dorr

    Please||| i die 4 this phone!!! thank you

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/PE3CTPZZPV2RA5E4XKTIIWRHPU Celebrity Rog

    This is my first time to this site, and I see a ton of great news here. Why would I want the T-Mobile Bold? Well, cause its a sexy phone, I need a new BlackBerry, and I love T-Mobile and their UMA calling.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/VDOFM5CLSARP4ZDFRBGUBVVMLM Kyle

    This is an awesome contest!!!

  • Ernest Ramos

    I would do anything for this phone! Blackberry is the sh*t! Okay boys and girls, before thinking of buying those other smart phones, go to your available carrier in your area and try any Blackberry model. I promise you once you go black, you will never go back or blacker the berry, sweeter the use! So, do yourself a big favor and induct yourself into the Blackberry clan. I promise you will have made the best smart phone decision!

  • YF

    Pick me Pick me!
    i will take care of it like if it was my 1st baby!

  • Kirstie-♥-Noele


  • giuseppe

    I really need one: I'm so over with the trackball!

  • pdomingo

    This Blackberry is my dream phone. I hope I'm that lucky enough to actually win this.. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity, PocketBerry. Kudos!

  • Debbieg

    So gorgeous! I love this thing! I can't stand that trackball anymore! I want it so badly, but I'm afraid my hubby would kill me if I asked for it! LOL

  • Kris

    This is making my tour look very very bad!

  • socalcanuck

    Thanks for the contest guys! Fingers crossed.

  • dalehurd

    I would weep with joy, to win the Bold. And I'm a grown man, so it's quite a sight.

  • DaX05

    This is like winning the lottery. I mean, lol what are the chances? Good luck to all & let's see which name is picked out of the hat.

    Appreciate the opportunity though *_*

  • Themis

    This really looks like the best blackberry ever….it's seriously is an awesome phone!

  • manishmaini

    i will be the winner i am from india

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/POVONLIL4RM5FYIUQRU2DSTYT4 Perry

    I'm poor humble and needy, but i do need a new blackberry this would truly be a great blessing if i win.

  • shamasehgal

    this is a beautie with wifi calling, blackberry is king of mobile

  • csarodz

    I bet this 9700 is just as awesome as the 9000, but much better! I wish I could upgrade to one of these. Good luck to all… not! jk!!! Thanks PB!

  • mathman13

    Love my BB now, but would love it even more with that new trackpad! Thanks PB!

  • sarawobs

    Would definitely make my husband jealous. Thanks for the chance at it!

  • lovsound

    oh……………..i wanna more berry.It looks so beautifully and usefully.

  • http://twitter.com/Teddy_it marco della peruta

    Hello PB. Very good contest!!! I'd like to be lucky one time with you. I need a new BlackBerry :)

  • ChristianLadino

    I wanna be the lucky winner! are you shiping worldwide too?

  • Malvin

    Cool! I want it, though I have never use a BB before and I'm so into the Blackberry phone now. Hope you can consider me

  • Erick Diaz

    I'm in!!! :-)

  • Jorge Jorge

    wow!!!!!! great!!! i had a bold 9000 and i would like to win that blackberry bold 9700. I'm in!!!!

  • jody

    what a beauty

  • Ryan

    I miss you my 'berry… i cheated on you with an iPhone cherry… My life's now lame, food doesn't taste the same… please be mine again!

    (I know… that was horrible ;)



  • Victor

    i would really appreciate it if i could win this phone. there is definitely a minimal chance that i will be able to buy it since i cant afford it so hopefully i win

  • Chris

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • yogirl74

    I would love to have the new Bold. My thumbs would appreciate the trackpad instead of the trackball.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Umair-A/68136343 Umair A

    HOV is blackberry bold….shorty is a sidekick. (venus vs mars)

  • radixe

    it's good!!

  • fabzdrums

    I really need a new phone i have the LG neon and it keeps bugging. Thank you for doing this! I dont have 700$ to put on a blackberry but i really like it!

  • Mike Powert

    I would love to have it. Ill trade you for my 9000 Bold unlocked a stand and about 10 cases-skins. Kidding but I want it BAD.

  • element526

    Would really appreciate a new UNLOCKED phone.

  • http://www.bbnews.pl/ Piotr

    Bring it to Poland!

  • Ryan

    My old Blackberry Curve's life-story:

    It survived my youngster teething on it. It survived a dunking in respectively a cup of tea, a sink filled with dish water (luke warm), a bath tub filled with hot water and a bucket filled with rain water. It survived being driven over with a tricycle. It survived being dropped on concrete and brick paving. It survived cats sleeping on it. It survived me sleeping on it.

    After all of that, it didn't survive a borrowed charger cable which was really meant for something else.

  • Casey

    OMG! I have had such bad luck with phones in the past. I have been through Nokia, to motorola, to LG, and then to Samsung. After doing much research, I came across the BB Bold 9700 and love all of the features about it. Everyone I know is starting to get BB's. From their opinions, I need to get one because I won't regret it. From the looks of it, this may be the last time I have to change phones. I hope to win. Thanks for reading. :o )

  • 9amtoff

    Nothing more exciting than the “BlackBerry Lottery”. I just hope I have the winning ticket.

  • tfrankson

    Sweet, Oh I hope I get picked. I really want this phone

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/V6T3IH7MWOM6YYJZUEMW7B5D7A Matt

    Wow!!! What an opportunity!!! Thanks for the chance! Its a really sweet phone!

  • ravspdr

    I have an iphone and I am ready to make the switch……PICK ME!!!!

  • scottawenders

    Great promotion!!! I think this is the phone many BlackBerry users have been waiting for. Keep up the promotions and reports of what's happening in “BlackBerry World”.

  • gallardo133

    I've always loved Blackberry Phones, but this one tops the cake. Pick Me Please!!!!!!

  • mikeike247

    I check pocketberry everyday to stay up to date on blackberrys. Pick me!!!

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/4L2ME467OJJZDMVL3XXLHJTWWI Mello $

    i'm a lakers fan and have a wallpaper already picked for my screen thanks

  • Emilia

    Awesome giveaway.. I've been wanting to have a blackberry to connect with my sister and extended family back home in Indonesia.. so please pick me =)

  • Mike

    Been looking everywhere but out of stock here in Canada. Would love an unlocked blackberry. Please Pick Me!

  • ScubaSteve

    Hi, BB!

  • rich

    Great phone!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1318890090 facebook-1318890090

    I would really love to win the Blackberry Bold 9700. It is a beautiful, sleek phone and it's perfect.

  • timjanousek

    I would like to win a blackberry bold 9700 for my girlfriend, because she would absolutely love it.

  • fridays_winner


  • Aviva Yaghoobia

    LOVE this phone!! I would like to participate in the drawing.

  • puckaus13

    Hey. My name is Austin and I think that I deserve the phone because I have never had the pleasure of owning a blackberry, or any other smartphone. I think that this will open my eyes to the whole blackberry world and I will become one of the many lifetime customers that blackberry already has.

  • corbinminer

    Do I have a story for you! 2 years ago I was talked out of getting a blackberry by a girl with a pretty face, and ended up with a Razr V3t (the things we do for the opposite sex). I quickly hated that phone and decided to get a smartphone. I couldn't stand the Razr and end up getting a T-mobile Dash, cause of a better deal at the time. I'll confess now, WORST IDEAS / PHONES EVER! No more than 6 months in, the Dash starts crashing regularly. After issues w/ my provider, I gave up on getting replacements. It got so bad with the Dash that I had to go back to using by Razr. THE RAZR!!! It's horrible! I'll a want is a phone that won't give me issues or crash every time I try to open my email and I miss the full QWERTY keyboard oh how I miss it. Please help me avoid making another huge mistake.

  • cjogloc

    dang im super late for this but i just wanted to say this is a nice phone compared to the old curve im using

  • http://www.facebook.com/ibnarshad Ibnarshad Ahmed

    i love the speed of this ,please select me for this ….

  • c0ry

    maybe too late, hopefully i can make my casting..

  • ryanbates

    Does anyone know when the Bold 9700 will be available at Costco? In case I don't win it here, I'd like to have a backup plan!

  • http://twitter.com/laluna_negra Angie

    Want! *fingers crossed*

  • fernando

    love in it allready :D

  • http://twitter.com/suself ♥S.F.

    pick me, s'il vous plait! :)
    I would love to win this!!!! This would make my year!!! :) so pick me please :)


  • http://twitter.com/nyzthug Ray

    can win plz i tried everything to get the 9700 and i havent got one so can you help me out plz by picking me plz i want to win plz thanks for the chance

  • reinaldo

    plz pick me plz i really need thank phone i need to upgrade my 8320 is on its last berry

  • remy

    i want to win my a nice new blackberry.

  • janina

    my son will really like this phone. he loves blackberrys .He has to kids his job cut his hours in half so we all know he cant afford it but i will love to see him happy. By winning this new blackberry for him .So can you help him out and let me win it for him please. Thank you from a mother looking out for her son when times is hard for him.

  • JlNX

    I ll give this to my Dad :)

  • Akaila Sparks

    I would LOVE to win that Blackberry! I have never had one and I think the 9700 would be the perfect Blackberry to start with! It will not only help me become more organized (I'm a college student lol) but it will also keep me in touch on my favorite social networking sites! (Facebook and Twitter) and it will stop me from going to class when I don't need to because the teacher emailed me and I didn't get it until I got BACK home lol! So please pick me! I will really use it to it's full potential :) Thank you.

  • nighguy

    I love your site and follow you on Twitter. I'd love to grab the 9700. Best Blackberry on the planet!

  • Reken1

    Snow on Christmas Morning…Free!
    Being with friends and family…Free!
    Unwrapping a new “BlackBerry 9700″…Priceless!

    Sorry! Posted in wrong section…That's really priceless.

  • Chris111


  • louisateotui

    Living in American Samoa, (US Territory in the Pacific…yep, the one recently hit by the earthquake and tsunami) any phone would have to be unlocked because we do not have AT&T or other such carriers. But, oh how I would LOVE to win this most excellent phone.

  • http://www.unlock-bold.com/ BlackBerry Bold

    Amazing to listen, I as well happy to see this new. Blackberry is one of the cute mobile for users.

  • Anirudh

    Without the blackberry buisinesses wouldn't function.

  • Anirudh

    Without the Blackberry buisinesses wouldn't function.

  • Anirudh

    Without the Blackberry buisinesses wouldn't function

  • pocketberry

    thanks captain obvious

  • Lish

    i would really love to win this blackberry

  • Gerald

    My comment is simple and easy to understand, I simply can'nt afford to buy a new BlackBerry Bold 9700.

  • blackberrylover

    i'm dying to have one am dreaming about it day and night i keep a picture and i keep staring at it i want one badly i cant afford it :( am 19 AND I NEED IT am in egypt and its for 4200 in here :( if i cant get it for free PLEASE !

  • dominicshamoon

    i rllllyyy want this blackberry because everyone in my family has a phone except 4 me and i rlly want a phone and i have tried signing up at every phone giveaway plzzzzzzzzzzz thank you

  • molly woooo

    i would really love this please! i seriously have no money and im in bankrupt please!!

  • Ren

    bread butter and blackberry….

  • raj55

    i would really appreciate if u gave me this phone
    i want a blackberry cause everyone is on bbm and i m not
    thank u

  • Michael Cina

    What can I say…there really is nothing quite like a blackberry – forget the iphone its nothing compared to the BB. BB's rule the world. Bold is also so much better.

  • natalie

    I would love this phone, caus my phone is completely broken and i have no phone and i have no job so i cant get a new phone, and i only live with my dad so he hasnt got the money to buy me a new phone, thannkyou

  • Dhilan

    My Name Is Dhilan I Live In London And I would Love The New BlackBerry Bold 9700 as i do i have a lot of emails and sms’s coming in. My Current phone is a Nokia Not very fancy. I would love a Blackberry as i have wanted one since i was little. Seeing people with blackberries on the train and buses just makes me jelous please i think i should win the Blackberry.

  • Anonymous

    Buddy. This was along time ago. U misssed it.

  • Domenicoxy

     My name is Dominick and I really would love a blackberry, seeing all my friends have one gets me upset. because they bbm each other in class. Please i never had a blackberry before and hoping this will be my first blackberry. Im begging please !!!!!

  • princess jullia c. chua

    My name is Princess, i want to have a blackberry cellphone!

    why? because i just broke my cellphone, it has a crack on the screen, my mom does not even know about that. : i need a new cellphone. :  please. ? please. ?  please. ?  please. ?  please. ? please. ? please. ?  please. ?  please. ?  please. ?  please. ? please. ?  please. ?  please. ?  please. ? please. ? please. ?  please. ?  please. ?  please. ? please. ? please. ?  please. ?  please. ?  please. ? please. ? please. ?  please. ?  please. ?  please. ? please. ? please. ?  please. ?  please. ?  please. ? please. ? please. ?  please. ?  please. ?  please. ? 
    millions of please. :

  • Anrekay

    hey looking to win a free blackberry .i love blackberry



  • Anonymous

    I would love to get this phone. Thanks!