Role Call Reminders List gets added to Test Center in BlackBerry App World


rolecall app world

Just last night, RIM added the Test Center as a category in the BlackBerry App World.  We explained to you that the whole purpose of the Test Center is to get more feedback from BlackBerry users like you in order to help better the application.  The eBay app and MySpace 2.0 were listed there yesterday, but it looks like Role Call Reminders List got added as well.  A few days ago we introduced to you Role Call Reminders List as it is also available at the PocketBerry App Store.  Role Call Reminders List is an absolutely free app to download, so don’t hesitate once. It’s a really handy application you’ll all enjoy as we encourage you to download it.  Try it out and make sure to leave feedback for it in the BlackBerry App World to see more enhancements in.

-by Mac Jadalhack


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