BlackBerry Dakota (aka Magnum) Prototype Images Leaked


Who remembers all those fake images of the BlackBerry 9900?  This device doesn’t look so different from that one.  By the style and design of this BlackBerry Dakota aka Magnum, it seems that it is an early build which will not see officially release.  The keyboard and overall design looks more like a Bold 9000, which will considered “old school” by the time the Dakota releases.

No, there is not a trackball or trackpad here.  With that said, it’s quite obvious that the Dakota is a touch screen device with a physical QWERTY keyboard.  Over the past few months, it’s been rumored that the touch screen will be similar to what the Storm has with its “clicky” technology.

So again, don’t expect to see this exact one hit the market, but a sleeker designed version instead.

-by Otoniel Bruno

Source: CrackBerry


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