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FixSOS fixes “SOS” on BlackBerry without resetting

21 January 2010 No Comment

It’s a very straight forward yet handy application.  No one likes seeing SOS or Sim Card Rejected messages come up for no reason.  Your BlackBerry won’t get any calls or messages as long as those errors are up.  Thankfully, you can use FixSOS to solve your problem.  FixSOS will revive your service right back up without having to do a battery pull.


  • small and stable
  • automaticly fix SOS problem
  • trial version fixes SOS problem within 30 min
  • full version fixes SOS problem immediately

So don’t let these SOS problems take over your BlackBerry experience.  It is vital that you get your messages and phone calls as they come and not hours later when you discover the problem. FixSOS is only $4.99 from the PocketBerry Store to purchase.

-by Mac Jadalhack