Facebook App for BlackBerry gets spam?


This was really aggrevating and I’m speaking from personal experience.  All day yesterday I kept getting  notifications such as the one above on my Facebook app on my Bold 9700.  When going onto my physical Facebook account from a computer, I can’t locate these “notifications” as they aren’t private messages or wall posts.  Are you a victim too?

-by Mac Jadalhack


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  • sandra1313

    It started yesterday for me too. I'm so fed up I'm ready to delete the app from my Blackberry.


    I encountered this last week – and it started again today. 2 so far – no sign on FB website from pc – but on blackberry bold 9700 notifications.

    checked web profile apps on FB – nothing untoward – i deleted FB for mobile, may do the same with blackberry until this is solved.
    couldnt find much online search except here.

  • Someone figured out if you spoof the email address as “notifications@facebookmail.com” it will show up in the facebook app on BB. Check you spam folder for the webmail account you use for your facebook address. I don't think you can ban it or FB messages won't work.

  • Scott

    WOW apparently somebody at FaceBook needs to set some SPF records!

  • lavaha

    I'm getting them too! TI got some others today as well that are more generic and not pharma related. So frustrating.

  • OLane

    I also have the same problem! I have the Storm 2 with facebook app.. Been getting these so called “notifications” for about 3 days now. Looks exactly like the ones your getting. So far I haven't been able to find any resolution to this issue… It seems like these spammers keep finding new ways to frustrate us!

  • Sideways8

    I am experiencing the same thing. I get 1-2 spam notifications a day on Facebook Mobile for Blackberry (Storm), but nothing on my Facebook account online. I hope a fix for this is published soon.

  • radixe

    it is not a problem with the app. basically spam emails are passing itself as a message from facebook, thus it gets filtered in the facebook notification. all notifications from face book are basically emails.