WiFi Sync for BlackBerry: Sync With your Google Calender and Contacts via WiFi


Here’s a very straight forward application that keeps your BlackBerry wireless.  If you have a lot of contacts and calendar appointments, then WiFiSync might suit you well.  It’s not by Google as this is just a third party application based on Google Sync.  With just using WiFi, you can sync all your Google Calendar appointments with your contacts.


  • Compatible with Google Products.
  • Use WIFI interface,No Data-subscription needed!
  • Most like the official Google Sync app.

WiFiSync is only $9.99 to purchase from the PocketBerry Store.  You must have a WiFi adapter on your BlackBerry for it to work.  Compatible devices? As we just said you need a WiFi-enabled BlackBerry, it’ll work with them all (minus the ones without WiFi obviously).

-by Otoniel Bruno


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