New BlackBerry Messenger Emoticons & Symbols You Can Use


Special thanks to our contributing author Ryan for sending this one in!  It looks like there are more exclusive emoticons you can use on your BlackBerry now, but not freely everywhere.  These can only be seen via BlackBerry Messenger.  Upon waking up today, I was chatting with Ryan on BBM and all I could ask in my head was “great scott, what are all these tacky symbols and emoticons on your user name?”  Kindly, he sent them all to me and I am now overwhelmed with BlackBerry Messenger emoticons that I haven’t ever seen before.  Where’d these come from? Who discovered them to begin with? Whoever it was, thanks for passing it right along!  Above is some of the symbols, but they couldn’t all fit in one screenshot, so you’ll have to try them out yourselves!  Before you panick, the emoticons aren’t going to come up as the images you expect when copying them.  When pasting them into BBM, you’ll be able to see them all.  Hit the jump to copy and past them all today.



     


-by Mac Jadalhack


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