Shazam for BlackBerry Updates to v2.5 With Music Video & Store Integration


Shazam just got cooler.  Before we used to just let Shazam figure out what song is playing and we had the option to purchase the song or just have it saved in a list within the app.  Now Shazam has went through an awesome update allowing you to watch the music video of songs you tag right through YouTube.  Twitter is everywhere, and now it’s in Shazam too.  You can tweet tagged songs to your fellow Twitter friends.  Also, with the store integration, it is easier than ever to purchase music now through Shazam as you can buy it directly through the 7Digital Musc Store.

  • Watch music videos of tagged songs and more via YouTube
  • Tweet tags to your followers
  • Buy music direct from the 7Digital music store.

If you haven’t been prompted for the update, you can manually download it today by using the link below.

-by Collin Sorp

Source: BerryReview


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