The Showdown: WiFi Sync or Google Sync?


Do you use Google Sync?  If not, here’s an awesome alternative to it. Wifi Sync is a third-party version of Google Sync that allows you to sync over WiFi. Usually, I use Google Sync to keep all my contacts and calendar info backed up and synchronized on Google. I could throw my BlackBerry in the bin and within 5 minutes I will have all my contacts back onto a new phone without having to connect to a PC.  How convenient is that?  Obviously all you really need is a Google email account and the Google Sync app to use this properly.

So why WiFi Sync ? One word: SPEED! When you run WiFi Sync for the first time you can configure it to your own specifications. So set it up how you want to, manual or automatic,  if you have a google calendar you are able to sync that to,  if you don’t you can always open one. Wifi Sync is very quick, I have just run it from scratch and it effortlessly placed 222 contacts back onto my phone.

So the only difference between Google Sync and WiFi sync?

They are both the same except:

  • Wifi Sync icon does not look as nice as Google Sync
  • Wifi Sync uses Wifi for faster Synchronizing

So the price for this is $9.99, so if you’re one that frequently uses Google Sync, this could be a handy utility.  In my opinion it is a bit expensive for the “small” task it does.  I only say small because my usage isn’t so much out there, but this may be better for bigger users needing that speedy contact and calendar transfer.

WiFi Sync is on sale for for $7.99 through March 31st, so you can feel free to grab a copy while the offer lasts.

So to answer the question in the title, WiFi Sync or Google Sync?  This goes back to what I mentioned earlier being that it all depends on how frequent you use this, and if you are in a WiFi zone most of the time when syncing.  I honestly have no problem using Google Sync, but having it transfer faster was convenient with WiFi Sync.  What I wanted to see done here was have the BlackBerry sync over WiFi regardless if BIS is available.  It is a requirement and you still do need a data plan to use it.

-by Ryan


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