TeleNav GPS Navigator 6.0 Officially Launching This Week


TeleNav has remained to be first in line when it comes to GPS apps for BlackBerry.  It’s available through many US carriers, such as AT&T which has rebranded it as AT&T Navigator, but we are all aware it is TeleNav underneath it all.  So what’s the news on TeleNav these days? It’s a big week for them and all their subscribers as they are officially launching version 6.0 of TeleNav GPS Navigator.  On March 24th (yes this Wednesday), AT&T users with the Curve 8900 and Bold 9000 will be able to get this newest version which will be AT&T Navigator as we mentioned earlier.  It will appear to be v2.0, but it is indeed TeleNav 6.0 at heart.


  • One touch speech recognition
  • Lane assist
  • Red light traffic alerts
  • Speed limit alerts
  • Turn by turn directions when out of a cell coverage area

So turn by turn directions even when leaving cell coverage area? I can’t say I’ve had issues like this frequently, but when service does drop, it becomes very annoying trying to get back on track.  David from CrackBerry has been using this latest update for a bit over a month now.  Check out what he has to say about it!

So stay tuned as TeleNav rolls out their new versions this week.  We didn’t hear a mention on the 9700 getting an update and would love to eventually.

-by Collin Sorp


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