BlackBerry Messenger Leaked Online


We just got the word from Rick the Nathanix is at it again with some BlackBerry Messenger Leakage.  We haven’t tried this build yet so download and install at your own risk.  This is BlackBerry Messenger and yes it is unofficial.  We had some tips from RIM last week that BBM would be going through some nice updates, maybe this is a preview.

Download and install at your own risk folks. Make sure you backup your BBM contacts before doing so.  We are in the process of checking this version out and will let you know once we download it.

UPDATE: Downloaded, installed, not seeing any difference yet.  If any of you do, drop us a line!  Also, downloads may start to fail now, as servers get flooded with download requests.  We have posted an alternative download link, but even so you’ll experience “download failed” and some lagging so stay patient and keep trying!

-by Mac Jadalhack


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