New iPhone Images & Specs Leaked – What’s Next RIM?


Anything Apple can do, RIM can do better.  Except for touch screen devices (so far).  Perhaps it is time RIM stops competing with Apple’s touch screen feature and starts going after other ones, such as a front face camera.  As you all know by now, Gizmodo has leaked out the first official images of the new iPhone which we will assume is the new 4G model.  The device took quite a face lift and added a few new features.  One big feature is the front face camera.  Why is this such a big deal? It may not be for many, but imagine video chatting with any of your friends on the go at any time.  With that put so simple, we can all agree how cool it would be to have.  There have been rumors in the past of RIM putting out a front face camera device as they said it was possible in an interview sometime last year, but it seems more like a shelved idea than anything else.  We have various new BlackBerry devices on the way including the BlackBerry Bold 9650, Pearl 9100/9105, and the BlackBerry ‘T’ aka Slider aka Talladega.  None of these do show a front face camera which is just going to put RIM even more behind when it comes to the head to head battle with Apple.

Just as a prediction, Apple will successfully launch their iPhone 4G, and months later RIM will end up taking the matter seriously and start development on a new device with a front face camera.

On the other hand, maybe (most likely) RIM is well aware of this new front face device that Apple is putting out, and currently making prototypes on it as we speak.

In any case, Apple is making a real big effort to compete with the BlackBerry in adding multi-tasking, enhanced email options, and now a camera flash in this new device.  With the high percentage rate of BlackBerry users wanting to switch to the iPhone, RIM has to start putting out that new-new.

-by Mac Jadalhack


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