Update on the BlackBerry Tablet – Rumors & Where It Stands Today


Nobody knows what to expect anymore.  All this talk about a BlackBerry tablet is giving many such a blurry picture of what to expect exactly.  Now I’m not saying you’ll have a perfect thought on it after reading this, but we thought we’d give you more info as we read some interesting stuff on The Street.  Some questions that come to mind include: What’s the OS? Can I connect my BlackBerry? How big? How small? Or the biggest of them all, when will it launch?

Based on what we read, the BlackBerry tablet (codename BlackPad) was intended to be based on Google Android OS.  I don’t know how i feel about that at all, and don’t see the point of it being BlackBerry branded to begin with at that point.  What did RIM want with Android? The only thing that comes to mind is possibly some developed BlackBerry applications for the Android based device, but even that sounds quite a bit silly.

Any way, it’s good to know that RIM has decided to move along and use their own operating system.  What’s rumored is that it will be something along the lines with BlackBerry 6 which we saw last week at WES.  The whole demonstration we saw was very touchscreen friendly and really seemed to discourage QWERTY BlackBerry users.

Another interesting rumor is what’s under the hood for the tablet.  According to The Street, the BlackBerry is going to be using Marvell’s Armada processor, keeping Intel far out from being in the tablet market.

Everyone’s curious as to when this BlackPad will make its way to store shelves.  As you all know, a lot of companies including HP have pulled the plug on their tablet launches temporarily as they want to make sure they have a muscle to flex against Apple’s iPad.  RIM isn’t rushing it either as it is rumored to launch sometime early next year.

-by Mac Jadalhack


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