AT&T BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Bottom Cover Spotted – Launch Date Soon?


The BlackBerry Pearl 9100 has been really frustrating here in the United States.  Pretty much everyone around the world got this great SureType device, while the US stands by for a carrier to take it up.  We already got the word from WES 2010 that T-Mobile has given the Pearl a thumbs down as they take on a BlackBerry Curve 9300 instead.  AT&T remains in the loop, and as I just spotted the clamshell 9670 keyboard available for ordering, I browsed around 9100 parts to see if anything was fishy there.  Just as I wanted to see, a Pearl 9100 AT&T branded bottom cover has been spotted.  Is it a fake? We don’t think so as True Supplier has put out genuine OEM parts.  They are very well known for putting parts out for devices before they even release also.  So how far are we from seeing the Pearl launch for AT&T?

-by Mac Jadalhack


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