BuzzMe Beats feat. Roy Hamilton for BlackBerry


Now you can enjoy original tones specifically designed for phone calls, SMS/MMS, email, social media apps, and more from Roy Hamilton.  With over 30 special beats, you’ll be able to set different tones for all your alerts allowing you to know what you’ve just received by just listening.  But that’s not all.  BuzzMe Beats featuring Roy Hamilton adds LED color and phone vibrations along with the tones.  There’s also a special mute function you can use within any BlackBerry application to turn the phone on to silent mode.


  • – Roy Hamilton tones
  • – Control ring and vibrate and LED
  • – Supports phone calls, SMS/MMS, Email and social media
  • – its more than just a ringtone its an “inside skin” for your phone

BuzzMe Beats featuring Roy Hamilton is only $4.99 to download and purchase from the PocketBerry Store.  Hit the link below to purchase or to read up more information on the app.

-by Otoniel Bruno


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