BlackBerry Curve 9300 Official Specs & Info


As much as many of you don’t really care for it, the BlackBerry Curve 9300 is coming up and will be hitting a lot of carriers near you so it’s time to deal with it. posted up the official specs of the device for those of you wondering what it all was A to Z.  Now it does say it is OS 5.0 out of the box below, which isn’t new news to us at all.  How about BlackBerry 6 (OS 6.0) compatibility? We’d love to say yes, but it’s quite hard to assume with the 256MB of RAM even though the Pearl 3G gets that same memory as well.  The other reason is the Bold 9700 and how a revamped 512MB 9700a is expected to launch.  Hit the jump after the specs for more!

  • 3G and HSDPA
  • GPS
  • WiFi with UMA
  • Processor 624 MHz
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 256 MB Flash
  • QVGA screen (320 x 240)
  • 2 megapixel camera without flash
  • MHA 1150 Battery
  • Multimedia keys
  • OS 5.0

So none of these specs seem surprising at all or anything new to anyone.  The main key in the Curve 3G (9300) is a 3G BlackBerry at a very bare minimum price bringing more folks in.  As far as upgrading goes, we don’t see people going to this one from any other device.  Even for former 8500 series users, it only seems right upgrading to a Bold, Pearl 3G, or even Storm 2.  The screen resolution is still low at 320 x 240 and a camera flash is of course vacant still as well.

Now some of you look at this device and ask “was this neccesary?”  The way I look at it is this.  The original Curve 8500 series is far more basic of a device with the cheap look and feel.  The Curve 9300 adds a bit more “luxury” with the added chrome, semi fancy back cover, and unique metallic colors.  The overall image of it is elegant as you can see and if you it side by side with the older 8520 or 8530, you’ll see a huge difference – not in design, but quality.

With what we mentioned earlier about the OS, we’ll have to see once BlackBerry 6 comes out as to what devices will be eligible for it or not.  Personally, I can’t imagine RIM launching devices from here on in that aren’t compatible with the new OS.  Given that this is a basic BlackBerry gives me second thought on that, making it a little more realistic to start and end with OS 5.0.  What do you all think?

-by Mac Jadalhack


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