mProductive for BlackBerry – Your tasks, memos, & calendar all in one place


Over the weekend, we got notified about mProductive for BlackBerry becoming officially available for purchase with a free trial.  As the price does tend to scare many away ($29.99), it’s a very savvy application that does a lot for you.  With mProductive, you’ll be able to have your tasks, memos, and calendar all in the same application.  Here are some features and benefits:

  • Dashboard View gives you at-a-glance feedback on your activities, and highlights what’s due today, this week or in the future, plus what’s overdue – and more.
  • Link related items together so that meetings, appointments, tasks, memos, notes and correspondence etc stay together and can be accessed easily on one screen.
  • Create action items from emails, calls or SMS’s with a single click, using the integrated Assign To feature.
  • Shortcuts, homescreen notifiers and more.

Check out mProductive at their website or at BlackBerry App World.

-by Mac Jadalhack


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