Backup all your contacts with AT&T Address Book Backup for BlackBerry 6


Here’s something I glanced at a few days ago and completely forgot about but was completely reminded with this article from BlackBerry.  AT&T has an address book backup for BlackBerry 6 OS which I see is handy for the time being until BlackBerry Protect is officially launched to everyone.  All you have to do is create an account at and from there you can have your contacts added, edited, and obviously viewed right on the web.  All your data is then saved on AT&T’s network so if you ever lose or brick your Berry, you can wirelessly recover at any time.  Here are couple features:

  • Automatic Backup: Your contacts on a compatible AT&T mobile phone are backed up to your AT&T Address Book, and changes you make are automatically saved.
  • Online Access: Conveniently access, manage, and text message your contacts from a computer.

So as mentioned above, head over to and start backing up your contacts.

-by Mac Jadalhack


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