BlackBerry Curve 9330 First Impressions – Look & Feel


We’ve been waiting to get our hands on the BlackBerry Curve 9330, to see how much better it is than the previous BlackBerry Curve 8530.  So this morning we got a unit in and of course we’re jumping right into hands on experiences and reviews.  Over the last few days, we got a little buzz on the email from users asking what the big differences are between the two devices and I strongly believe many others are wondering as well.  So we’re going to get into it more  like a comparison to the 8530 and how it has evolved from it since that’s what many want to see. My first impressions on the device are going to be with the out of box OS which of course is 5.0.  We’ll round more up later with BlackBerry 6 so don’t worry folks! In any case, we just got the device and as we always do, we’ll be giving you the first impressions.  For a basic Berry, so far so good.  I’m liking it and will be using it over the next few days full time.  Hit the jump for thoughts on the look and feel.


Even though the Curve 9330 is a refreshed update of the Curve 8530, it looks a lot better.  If there was anything I hated about the older 8530, it was the cheap look.  No chrome anywhere except around the trackpad, and it was just all one solid color all around.  The black version at least had a carbon fiber looking back but that was about it.

On the Curve 9330, we see a more elegant look.  The trackpad of course still has chrome surrounding it like before but the device’s color is now metallic gray making it look a bit more classy, more like a Bold if you ask me.  The backside is not so cheap either as it’s rubbery and gridded out.


It feels better than the 8530 in hand.  Some of you may not believe me when I say this, but the trackpad on the Curve 9330 feels better than any other trackpad I’ve had on any BlackBerry.  It’s not so recessed, and it’s placed in very firm without slightly jerking left, right, up, or down as you use it.

The back side consists of a rubber material as we mentioned before.  It calls for having a better grip when holding the phone around.  Speaking of holding it, it’s very light and compact which I definitely do favor.  My Torch is much too heavy to keep carrying around.

-by Mac Jadalhack


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