FedEx launches free BlackBerry app – Track, Ship, Get Rates, & More


FedEx has just launched a BlackBerry application that pretty much lets you do anything their website does which includes tracking packages, shipping, finding rates for shipping, finding locations, and even scheduling a pickup.  So if you do usually ship with FedEx, there’s an easier way around your shipping needs without having to call their toll free number or navigating back and forth on their online website.  Hit the jump for the full features including the free OTA link.


Access up-to-date tracking details directly from your BlackBerry smart phone. We’ll tell you when your shipments are delivered, in-transit, and even when there are exceptions. Plus, you can nickname your critical shipments so you can easily monitor their shipment status later.


Create and email shipping labels while on the go. You can also view your ship history and access your address book. Drop off your package at FedEx Office and access to print your shipping label at no additional cost.

Get Rates

Obtain accurate and reliable rate quotes and estimated delivery times while you’re on the road.

Find Locations

Simply enter an address, phone number or ZIP code to find the nearest FedEx drop-box, ship center or FedEx Office location.

Schedule a Pickup

Just enter your address and shipment information, and we’ll come to you.

Click here to download FedEx for BlackBerry or go to to check out their mobile site.

-by Mac Jadalhack

Source: BerryReview


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