T-Mobile US East Region Meeting shows BlackBerry OS decline in popularity


It’s no secret that RIM has fell behind when it comes to being a dominant smartphone OS.  Android has made it quick to the top coming in all sorts of devices on fully touchscreen and others combined with QWERTY.  Apple also has stayed on top but still remains right behind Android.  RIM has quite a decline as you can see on the chart where it’s coming very close to Windows Mobile.  For those who don’t know, Windows Mobile is about to become obsolete pretty soon as Microsoft rolls out Windows Phone 7, a new OS built from scratch which is supposed to be a huge formidable challenge to both iOS and Android.

That makes RIM come in last place.  Now we did get word at DEVCON last week that the new QNX OS we saw on the PlayBook will be coming to BlackBerry handhelds in the future, but we don’t know how far we are from seeing that.  With the tablet coming out sometime at the end of Q1 or early Q2 of 2011, we don’t expect to see a new OS announcement until later in the year.

There are still many loyal BlackBerry users out there who aren’t favoring what everyone else looks for – premium web browsing, faster movement through general navigation, and applications.  There’s still a high percentage ranking at almost half of all Berry users that have switched over to other platforms or given it a shot just to satisfy an itch.

It’s always possible that we’ll be seeing the ball roll faster with RIM as we had a lot of exciting announcements come our way including BlackBerry Messenger opening up to developers, WebWorks, free app submission to App World, and of course advertising service to push out more free apps.

-by Mac Jadalhack


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