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Who’s up for it? is giving out a free BlackBerry Torch 9800 for every 1000 Facebook fans they get.  So it’s not the 1000th person who becomes a fan that gets the Torch, but literally for every 1000 fans, a BlackBerry Torch 9800 will be randomly given out to one of the fans.

Spread the word, retweet the post, send it out to all your friends.  The more that join, the more devices there will be given out – simple as that.  Click here to become a fan of and you will automatically be entered in for the giveaway.  Continue reading to check out more on Qwell and what they have to offer.

For those who don’t know what Qwell is all about, here’s a quick briefing of all the advantages of their BlackBerry application.

  • Tired of annoying untimely calls but are unwilling to go through the time consuming and complicated set-up process required with “Call Blocker” apps? Then Qwell is for you!
  • Qwell is a simple On/Off button on your phone that gives you back control of your Privacy With Peace of Mind.
  • In Qwell Mode – Callers are alerted that you do not want to be disturbed but are given the choice to leave a voicemail or break-thru in the event of an emergency.
  • The problem with “Call Blocker” apps – Suppose you get an urgent call from a number that the Call Blocker app does not recognize? You simply miss the call!
  • With Qwell you can rest assure that you will not miss an urgent call, while eliminating annoying untimely calls.
  • Qwell automatically sends an email with every attempted break-thru. Great in the case of a lost, damaged or stolen phone.
  • Qwell maintains a call log of all break-thru calls, voicemails, missed calls and hang-ups with easy call back or SMS right from the call log.
  • Qwell does not require you to manage your phone contacts. Qwell does all the work for you!
  • Qwell features an Email Delivery System for Voicemail. Aside from listening to your voicemail through your phone, you can also conveniently listen to your voicemail right from your computer or Ipad. (Great in the event of a lost, dead or stolen phone.) EDSV is very useful for organizing and forwarding your voicemail.

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