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The BlackBerry PlayBook will also come in 64GB

18 October 2010 One Comment

Last week we ran a poll on the BlackBerry PlayBook to see which one you would get – the 16GB or 32GB.  We didn’t see anything on a 64GB before and all the ones displayed at DEVCON 2010 were 16′s and 32′s.  Today a video released out where RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie explains the PlayBook and displays specs which shows a 64GB model as an option.  So there you have it, a 64GB PlayBook at your service.

-by Otoniel Bruno

Thanks to everyone who sent this clip in!

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  • Majicskia

    i definitely see majorities going for the mid range 32gbs. not many i see walk around with 64gb ipads. price is too high and no one needs that much space in a tablet.