MegaFarts – Fart App for the BlackBerry


I am well aware that this application is not savvy or really “useful.” I am also well aware that the Android Market and Apple App Store are full of fart applications also, so I guess BlackBerry users would like in on the action too.  MegaFarts is a simple application equipped with 10 different fart sounds you can play on the spot or time it out.  Features include:

  • 10 unique fart sounds
  • high quality
  • On demand or delay fart
  • export fart sound to use as ringtone or alert sound
  • volume control

MegaFarts is only 99 cents to purchase from the PocketBerry Store.  I guess if you’re looking to prank people or just make your friends laugh, it’s worth getting.  I haven’t tried it but if any of you do, let us know how you like it.


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