RIM needs to step up its entry level devices


When we were first introduced to the BlackBerry Curve 8500 series, we thought wow that’s brilliant.  RIM has created an entry level BlackBerry at a very low premium to get everyone’s foot in the door.  The idea was nice for a bit, but not when BlackBerry was no longer the biggest bad ass on the block.

Later we saw the BlackBerry Curve 3G which was really funny to see launch.  For the last few months BlackBerry smartphones have been getting bashed by Android and iOS in many ways including applications, games, and even screen size.  Seeing the same old screen resolution come back to life once again was frustrating.  Cosmetically, RIM made the Curve 3G look a little less cheaper, but it just didn’t seem to be like a good match to other entry level devices.

We’re seeing entry level devices running Android which are sporting far better specs than we see on some BlackBerry models, not even entry level.  Yes, BlackBerry devices as a whole could use some kick and extra juice, but when you put the entry level devices from BlackBerry and some basic Motorola running Android next to each other, the comparison is not balanced at all where the BlackBerry gets the cheap feel and specs and the Motorola gets pretty decent specs and a nice feel to it.

With all that said, RIM needs to look at their higher end line, and look to make entry level devices based on those instead of these small resolutions brought back from the Curve 8300 family.  What do you guys think?


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