Leaked Video: First AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9780 spotted


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We had heard a rumor a few weeks ago that AT&T was getting the BlackBerry Bold 9780 pretty soon.  The rumor stood to be at the end of November, but it looks like a December launch date would seem more appropriate.  Just like the BlackBerry Bold 9700, T-Mobile held it down first, then AT&T picked it up officially about two weeks later.

This time around T-Mobile got the Bold 9780, making us think that it will hit the streets with AT&T in a short matter of time with all the talk about it from AT&T store reps.  So here it is – the BlackBerry Bold 9780 for AT&T.  It’s on sale for eBay for those interested in grabbing it now rather than wait the rumored few weeks it’s expected to launch.  Seller is asking $899.00 for it with $20 shipping.  Ouch.


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