BlackBerry Balance screenshots exemplify how work and play stay separated


RIM’s new BlackBerry Balance is a new service that will be provided which allows professionals to use their single BlackBerry smartphone for both work and personal life without having them conflict one another through IT policies via BES and such.  In this screenshot above, we see an example on how they stay separated.

In the first screenshot, you’ll see that a request to delete corporate data has prompted.  On the same pop-up, it’s noted that all personal data will not be wiped.

Then in the second screenshot we see a pop-up message come up saying that one of the recipients are not of corporate contacts.  By doing so, it lets the business user know that a corporate email is being sent to someone who isn’t on the corporate phonebook.  Make sense?

I think BlackBerry Balance is a great idea and will definitely eliminate business users from having to carry around a device for business and then another for personal.

Source: CIO


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