BlackBerry PlayBook and handhelds to run Android apps with QNX!


Well that’s what the rumor going around says. It’s not so far off since we heard at DEVCON about some cross platform compatibility as far as apps went. Firstly, that’s some pretty exciting news if RIM can get their PlayBook and mobiles to support Android applications.  The rumor is that RIM is considering to use Dalvik virtual machine for their QNX OS on the PlayBook and mobiles, which is the same as what Android currently uses.  With that said, it’ll allow any Android application to run on RIM’s QNX based devices.

I’m hoping RIM gets the ball rolling soon as they’re a bit behind in the mobile game at the moment. What do you think about Android apps running on BlackBerry? With the higher specs in their future devices, and all BlackBerry features intact with Android application support, the BlackBerry could get back in the game and become a huge challenge again towards other mobile devices.

As mentioned before, back at DEVCON 2010 the QNX guys spoke about apps from other platforms capable of running on the PlayBook.  And now that we do very much have confirmation that QNX is coming to mobiles too, the same extends to them as well.  We’re all super excited to see what’s to come of this.

Source: BGR


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