Sources say BlackBerry PlayBook will support Android apps in second half of 2011


A few weeks ago, we touched up a bit on the possibility of Android applications running on the BlackBerry PlayBook and future BlackBerry smartphones running the new QNX OS.  An article over at Businessweek indicates that RIM is working on software to support Android’s 130,000 some apps and is scheduled to be available “in the second half.”  So there’s no real promise here that it’ll ship out with that support, but to know that the feature is coming is a plus.  Being able to take advantage of all great BlackBerry features and get the great games Android OS currently has available seems to be catchy and could work.

As we touched upon earlier, the article says that RIM is not going along with Dalvik (Google’s engine that runs Android apps) and is instead going with their own now.  I guess for legal reasons they decided this, but I’m curious to see how RIM’s own developed software will work with Android applications and their updates.

On a side note, I look forward to having Angry Birds on my future QNX enabled BlackBerry smartphone.


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