T-Mobile “See BlackBerry Different” Event Highlights – Storm 3 “Monza” in Late Spring, Bold Touch “Dakota”, & PlayBook


Ok so here we go.  We let you know about T-Mobile holding a “See BlackBerry Different” event for employees and we weren’t quite sure what would be displayed.  For starters, the carrier is expected to have the BlackBerry PlayBook, offering the WiFi model only with no 3G/4G model in talks (according to the event).  PlayBooks were displayed all around the exhibit for employees to finger for a bit before the presentation started.

The next treat goes out the BlackBerry Storm 3, codename “Monza.”  This is expected to take off for T-Mobile this late spring, bringing all the same specs we saw in the leaked roadmap of 2011.  The images shown in the slides are the same as what we’ve seen for the BlackBerry Storm 3 already, actually identical according to the source.

Next they touched upon two other devices, and did not show slides for.  One is what we expect is the BlackBerry Dakota, aka the BlackBerry Bold Touch.  They mentioned a QWERTY BlackBerry device similar to the form factor we currently have now but touchscreen on top.  Also another QWERTY BlackBerry device on the way, but basic.  We assume this is going to be the new BlackBerry Curve (non-touch) that finally reunites with a camera flash.

The event was based more around BlackBerry statistics, how many BBM users they currently have, etc.  They made mention of a website DoADoubleTake.com, where it looks like T-Mobile store reps take part in a contest for BlackBerry, and winners get a prize of some sort.  Everything’s a bit fuzzy now as we only got bits and pieces from our tipster, but we’ll have more tomorrow as T-Mobile has event repeating again in New York.


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