Keycode Workaround for Leaked BBM 6 & Facebook App


During the weekend we got the leaked BBM 6 and Facebook for BlackBerry, but the problem was they all required keycodes.  The only way at the time to be able to use the application was if you had a BBM keycode from the previous beta in Beta Zone.  As for Facebook, we had some users able to use the app without the keycode and others that I guess used old Facebook keycodes?  Either way, it was really frustrating for many, and we saw it all in the comments.  So the guys over at BBH-Plus have found a workaround the keycodes for those in dying need to have BBM 6 and the leaked Facebook application.  It’s not such a short process but for those who want to, feel free to do so.

  • Wipe your phone (backup everything of course)
  • Download this file and drag it into your install directory which will overwrite some alx’s and Java in the Java folder.
  • Go through your whole OS install, then when you put in the leaked apps, you won’t be prompted for a keycode.

I’m not going to go ahead and call this a solution, but it is a workaround for all you guys out there who really want these apps.  The choice is yours, I would personally wait, but I certainly understand how people get anxious over the latest and greatest apps, leaked or not.


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