BlackBerry Messenger launching for Android and iOS?


That’s what the latest leaked rumor suggests.  It sounds crazy and far fetched as I never expected RIM to give into putting BBM out on other devices.  According to BGR, RIM is planning to put out BlackBerry Messenger for other platforms such as Android and iOS.  It’s suggested that Android is definitely a go for easy open source application development.  Then iOS may come later along the way.

So how will it work as far as PINs go?  Will users be able to purchase a PIN and then keep it for life?  Will it not require a PIN anymore?  I have mixed feelings about BBM going outside of BlackBerry.  I guess it would be cool using it on other devices, but I feel like doing so will indeed brush people off of BlackBerry to Android devices and the iPhone.  What’s RIM planning for future?

I understand there are other cross platform messengers out there including Kik which RIM is in a lawsuit with and WhatsApp Messenger.  Maybe RIM is trying to do away with all these other competitors and become numero uno across the board.  How do you feel about BBM on other devices?


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